Rustic Road 60 Historic Signs

SORR is researching how we can create picnic areas along side RR60- equipped with historic signs denoting the historical significance of different areas on the Road.

There are turn outs located along side Lost Canoe, White Sand, and White Birch Lakes that would be great areas to add a picnic bench and historic signs descibing the history of the area.  

The turnouts are already in place.  There are already areas along side Lost Canoe, White Sand, and White Sand Lake that provide limited parking spots and/or a turn around.  All we have to do now is find the resources to create the signs and gather volunteers to trim up the trees and bushes in these areas.

Help us create a Rustic Road corridor of signs that explain the deep history of the area.

Did you know that:

And- that's just for starters.  Just think of the rich histories we can share of the loggers, family resort owners, fisherman, bait shop owners, and more.

What do we need to do?