• Repave and widen Highway K by adding a 3-foot-wide paved shoulder

  • Remove thousands of trees that form our beloved tree tunnels by adding a 10 foot-wide "clear" or "tree free" zone extending into the woods from the edge of the shoulder

  • All trees within 13 feet from the current edge of the white line will be cut down


  • The paving work for the Road Widening Project will be completed in 2025.

  • They have already begun to remove trees and started the trimming process.

  • Exact timing is not known. They do not have to get permission.


  • Although significant tree trimming and brush clearing on Highway K was started this winter, there is much more to come. THEY ARE NOT DONE.

  • As upsetting as this tree trimming has been to the community, IT IS NOT the planned wholesale tree removal contemplated by the Road Widening Project.

  • To illustrate the devastating impact that the Road Widening Project will have on Rustic Road 60, we are in the process of marking trees that would be removed in the Lost Canoe/White Sands Lakes area under the County Plan with yellow landscaping tape. As you drive through this section of the Rustic Road, imagine how decimated this section and the rest of Highway K will look without all the trees!