During the most recent meeting we asked Troy Schalinske to detail what actions will occur on the Rustic Road over the next several years. These are the commitments that Troy said he would prove the doubters wrong!

  • Brushing - No brushing will occur this winter on the Boulder Junction segment of the Rustic Road. Troy is committed to the brushing approach discussed with the Save Our Rustic Road group and contemplated in the County Plan (no brushing beyond 6’ from pavement edge).

  • Mowing – The Highway Department will mow an area 6’ from the edge of the pavement on both sides of the road from the town of Star Lake to Old K in Boulder Junction this summer.

  • Paint Striping. – The Highway Department will repaint the white lines and double yellow lines on the road this summer.

  • Tree Removal – No trees will be removed (other than for the safety exception mentioned above) until shortly before the re-pavement project commences. His best estimate of timing is Winter 2024 or Spring 2025. Troy is committed to the tree removal restrictions discussed with the Save Our Rustic Road group and contemplated in the County Plan (removal of only trees within 6’ from the pavement edge, subject to the safety exception).

  • Wedging – Last summer, the Highway Department wedged or laid new asphalt over a stretch of road near Lost Canoe Lake that had extensive potholes. Troy indicated that depending on road conditions and available staff time and funding, additional areas of pavement could be wedged on the Rustic Road this Summer. He indicated that as we get closer to the start of the re-pavement project, he will want to hold off on doing additional wedging on the Rustic Road.

  • Potential Culvert Replacement – In 2024 or just before the start of the re-pavement project, the Highway Department will evaluate the condition of several culverts on the Rustic Road and consider replacing them if necessary.

  • Re-pavement of the Road – The earliest that the re-pavement of the Rustic Road would occur is the Summer of 2025. The timing of the re-pavement project depends in part on the availability of funding as discussed below. The project would involve grinding up the existing asphalt pavement and mixing it into the existing rock base and then laying new asphalt down. The pavement would remain 22’ wide except on the radius of curves where the pavement would be expanded 2’ into the 3’ gravel shoulder.

  • Bond Funding – The Highway Department uses Highway bond funding to pay for certain road improvements. The Highway Department previously obtained and used bond funding to pay for the recent improvements to Highway B. The County’s existing highway bonds will get paid off and potentially new bonds obtained in 2025. The 2025 bond financing are expected to be used to fund the Rustic Road re-pavement and other projects. However, Troy Schalinske mentioned that he is aware of roughly $700,000 of new projects that are needed and will be competing for the 2025 bond funding. As a result, it is possible that the Rustic Road re-pavement project could slip if sufficient funds are not available. Troy said that he would have a better idea of timing and funding in the summer of 2024, but that the Save Our Rustic Road group should touch base every six months or so for updates.