Save Our Rustic Road

Over the last year, Representatives of the Save our Rustic Road group and County representatives have had extensive discussions on Vilas County’s treatment of Rustic Road 60, County Highway K between Star Lake and Boulder Junction (the “Rustic Road”). These discussions have resulted in a mutually developed plan for vegetation management, road repair and road improvement of the Rustic Road going forward.

Despite our best efforts, the County Highway Committee refused to enter into a formal agreement with Save Our Rustic Road or to formally approve the plan. Nevertheless, the Vilas County Highway Commissioner Troy Schalinske has assured the Save Our Rustic Road group that he is committed to managing the Rustic Road in accordance with the mutually-developed Rustic Road management plan.

Although we had hoped to get formal approval of the plan by the Highway Committee or a more unambiguous commitment, we remain optimistic that our community’s collective efforts have produced a highly positive result, protecting the beauty of this truly unique road. Troy Schalinske expressed his commitment to the plan with the following comment: “Let me prove the doubters wrong, as I deliver on each of my commitments.”

Rest assured, the Save Our Rustic Road group and the community will be monitoring activity on the Rustic Road closely. We look forward to celebrating each commitment upheld by the Highway Department, but are ready to rekindle community support, our public-relations campaign and possibly legal efforts if things deviate from the mutually developed plan.