What YOU Can Do?

Write Letters and Emails and/or CALL your representatives!

      • Contact the Media to bring attention to this issue

            • Newpapers

            • Television

            • Radio

            • Social Media- Facebook and InstagramJoin our Facebook Page:

      • Make sure your friends and neighbors are aware of this issue

      • Join the "Save our Rustic Road" Facebook page

      • Place a "Save our Rustic Road" Yard Sign or Banner on your property.

        • 18" x24" Signs are available at the Star Lake Store and Coontail Market in Boulder Junction for $25.00.

        • Super-size your support with a 4'x 6' Banner for $90. Send us an email at saveourrusticroad@gmail.com and we will order one for you.

      • Join us to find out how else you can help! Sign up here so that we can keep you up to date.